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Jenkins Job to Export Rackspace Cloud DNS Domain as BIND Zone Files

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Rackspace Cloud DNS offeres a great web console, along with a solid API for managing DNS records dynamically from CM tools like Chef.

The web UI @ https://mycloud.rackspace.com doesn’t (yet) suppport an action to export your domain(s) to standard BIND format zone files.

However, the API does support zone file exports, GET /v1.0/{account}/domains/{domainId}/export.

I wanted to create a scheduled Jenkins job to export a domain managed by Cloud DNS to GitHub for both versioning and disaster recovery.

One gotcha with the API is it’s asynchronous – you request an export, then periodically poll on the status of the export. The API also has rate limiting. So, the export is a bit more involved than a simple curl call.

Based on this Rackspace community support post, I found a great python utility, clouddns.py by Wichert Akkerman.

Note: I couldn’t use the https://github.com/rackspace/pyrax official SDK, as I’m on CentOS 6.5 with Python 2.6, and the SDK requires Python 2.7. I also tried the gist by DavidWittman but failed to get it working with the LON region despte following the clouddns README

Here’s the basis of the script I used in a Jenkins job to export a domain and subdomains every 15 minutes, alongw with the Git publisher for Jenkins to push the changes back to a GitHub repo.